Are you looking for a Guide for the presentation of your trip to Crete with somebody who lives and has known it for years? Do you wish to book flights/hotel/hire car with the guarantees of the best booking websites or through a precise selection of local suppliers? Would you like to book quickly and find the ideal solution for your holiday on Crete? Would you like to be helped step by step to address the choices of your stay according to your needs with maximum clarity and security?

If this is what you need, then look no further as Easyprenotazione is right for you !

This is what we can offer:

  • Research on the best booking websites for your hotel/apartment/villa, flight/ferry and car hire according to your
  • Research and programming of the itineraries/visits compatible with the length of the
  • Preparation of different solutions/quotes.
  • On line guided booking of the chosen solution: the client makes the booking directly on the websites, which will be chosen for them (the best and most secure presently on the market) or directly to the structure and to the local suppliers of services carefully selected; the client will be assisted step by step on Skype during the booking.
  • All services of EASYCARE

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